How Long After Taking Tylenol Should I Wait To Drink?

I took two 500mg extra strenghts A hour ago. Its my wifes birthday tonight & I wanted to know if I could drink still. It would be surrounded by 6 hours. So will I be ok after 6 hours? How long does it take to walk off your system?

No reason to loaf. I regularly wash down my painkillers beside whiskey. lol.

Seriously, don't worry roughly it.
Assuming you have no liver disease, you indeed can drink next to Tylenol, and 1000 mgs is no lethal dose. But I'm sure you are aware that Tylenol will turn your liver to cork and the process is speeded up beside alcohol.

As a general rule, most docs will explain to you to refrain from alcohol if you are going to bring Tylenol. I do not know the half existence of Tylenol... you should be able to google it. For myself, I do not drink beside Tylenol
You're good to budge. I don't take Tylenol because of the liver problems associated next to it and alcohol. Take Ibuprofen or aspirin.
not such a good impression, you should wait a few hours
If I be you I wouldn't have a drink ever again surrounded by my life
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