What is index copernicus?

Index Copernicus Ranking System evaluates journals and help enhancing their editorial, scientific and scientific quality by giving precise suggestion for the improvement of the chronicle in demand to be included into wider international scientific information lines such as Index Medicus and/or Current Contents.

Index Copernicus is a ranking system, which is set-up by member of the medical community of the Central European Region. It has created five groups of standards, including medical, editorial and technical power, circulation and frequency-market stability, that allow the reliability of the system. The Authors of the Ranking System are aware of the limitations of parametrical analysis of science, however they trust the numbers for their objective and sprite. The Authors of the Index Copernicus have kept within mind the primary objectives for which the system has be created.

Index Copernicus abstracts adjectives articles published in indexed journal and actively promotes them to the scientists world-wide through the Internet. These auxiliary service include abstracting and cross-linking journal and papers (available from January 2003), and newsletter service to currently over 450.000. This will enable non-indexed (at Index Medicus/MEDLINE or Current Contents) journal to reach a wider audience, which otherwise would not be accessible. This service should also be attractive to indexed journal with predetermined distribution.
Index Copernicus is ranking system set up by members of the medical community surrounded by the Region
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