Is toxic the smoke of a plastic burning?

I feel that your give somebody the third degree should read as "Are the fumes of burning plastics toxic?"
Answer : Yes. US and other developed coutries have be advocating smaller quantity use of plastic bags and other disposable plastic items.
The fumes could contain sulphur dioxide, CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), benzene, and other toxic life compounds, such as dioxin (CH2CH2O)2
Many plastics, particularly PVC when burned resuts contained by emissions
of the deathlike poison named dioxin.
Dioxin is a toxic life chemical that contains chlorine and is
produced when chlorine and hydrocarbons are heated at high temperature.
To inhalate dioxin or to be exposed anyway to its fumes can cause
frequent deadly results.
Generally speaking yes. if you merely get a wiff of a burning milkjug your probably ok. If your within a burning house full of plastic the you will probably
have problems the rest of your existence.

PVC types when burning also give past its sell-by date hydrocloric acid vapor which can burn and blotch the lungs. Not good.
The smoke of a burning plastic is toxic to us.So is any other fabric that disturbs the inner environment of our body. For eg: burning polythene gives out carbon monoxide that combines beside the haemoglobin(a protein) in R.B.C.s surrounded by our blood stream and does not allow the transportation of oxygen. This causes us 2 choke.
yes, other roll your window up when ratification a car fire. There are several plastic in a burning motor, some that are highly toxic.
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