Can doctors write prescriptions for themselves?

I have other wondered: can a doctor write a prescription for themselves? do they have a home doctor? also can they write them for their children?

P.S. why is ALL of their handwriting so hard to read!

It would violate the Code of Ethics for a Dr. to write prescriptions for himself.

It is not necessarily against the law nor unethical, beside the possible exception of drugs that might be abused or addictive.

Consider the situation where the doctor have mild high blood pressure, and wishes to start entry rank therapy near a safe, commonly prescribed medication beside no abuse potential. What is dishonourable about him/her starting themself on that med?

Consider if the doctor's child have poison ivy, and a prescription strength cortocosteroid cream is obviously needed. A redundant trip to an emergency room can be avoided by simply writing the prescription.

Similar examples are too numerous to list.

Here is a guideline from the Canadian Medical Association:
A doctor cannot write a prescription for themselves or people members. It is immoral.

Their handwriting is hard to read because they write resume and prescriptions all time for many several patients. My handwriting is often abundantly neater outside of work. However, this is a serious problem - wrong medications own been given due to pharmacists not competent to read the prescriptions. This will be improved as more and more doctors are moving toward electronic action and prescriptions.
Doctors are not allowed by license to prescribe for themself or their family. They own friends to do that!

And, I think they lift a class in college on handwriting, it is call "Gibberish and squiggles 101." They go through their total lives all involved within GPA's and people relating them, "You have a Dr.'s handwriting." If they are a resident, it probably have something to do with the nouns of sleep.
yes a doc. can prescribe a med. to themselves.

handwriting question is only a myth
I do it all the time. I move about see my doctor a couple of times a year. He tells me to adjust my dosages myself and preserve him informed. Why should he have to bother when I can more glibly do it myself? No controlled substances, obviously.
yes, a doctor can prescribe their own medication (to themselves, their children, their spouse, their family members) BUT they cannot prescribe controlled substances in need permission from another physician...

a doctor's handwriting ranges from well brought-up to bad...and yes, unanimously THEY'RE BAD! i used to work at a pharmacy and it gets pretty doomed to failure, but if you're used to seeing that handwriting THEN you get used to it. docs are more than feeling like to interpret their handwriting--they also realize their handwriting sucks lol
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