Viagra usage?

are there any benifits or danger of a women using Viagra.cause I simply started using it cause I pocket narcotic painkillers and reduces the passion of sex.I may be able to ending HOURS but there are oodles times I lose my erection due to lack of sensation.So I only want to know if my wife will benifit from it like myself

Answers:    sorry, man, but viagra is not for women. near have be no clinical trials, no real studies - nil about this issue, so pfizer , the producer of viagra warn women not to take viagra as nobody can really know what effect it can enjoy on a woman's body. I'd better recommend your wife not to gamble near her health

below is a piece of info I copied out of
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Q. Can Viagra be used by women?
A. No. Viagra is not recommended for women.Yet, empathy that men aren't the only ones who hold sexual problems, researchers are studying to see if Viagra can work for women as well."
Actually I remember an article from Men's Health in the region of some female doctors trying viagra on themselves, and their argument be that it would improve their sexual self-satisfaction, but there have not been an executive study about this. I should also mention that the use of sildenafil is not solely for ED (erectile dysfunction) it have also been use within the treatment of pulmonar hypertension. Im sorry if my answer is not as conclusive. Try searching "sildenafil for womanly use" in PubMed ( and receive clearance from a doctor before any use.

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