What is the pill west-ward 473 and can two seize me large?

I was given two pills to embezzle away tooth ache throbbing and they are enscribed with "west-ward 473" on them. Do you know if they are out of danger?

Answers:    That's Prednisone, and no, it won't get you high-ranking - it's a steroid (not the anabolic kind, either).
PREDNISONE (Deltasone(R)) is a corticosteroid. It help to reduce swelling, flush, itching, and allergic reactions and can be used to treat severe allergies, skin problems, asthma, arthritis and other conditions.

It probably won't assistance your toothache.
If its Prednisone you can have fun trying to take high bad that. It's not going to happen and only be aware that taking the incorrect dose isnt for your best interest in alot of citizens Prednisone can cause urine incontinence. Yes your read that correct. Try to obtain high past its sell-by date it by taking to much and chances are you may "wet" yourself.

Yes the ultimate person is correct it is used for swelling, asthma and things approaching that but what he said about it not helping can be vastly incorrect especially if it's an absece and they are trying to get the swelling to dance down before they are removing the tooth. It will oblige some but not with distress so much. it will help beside the swelling that is cause the pain though.

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