When your Doctor say "drink plenty of fluids" what precisely does she connote?

I have a pretty accurate idea that she doesn't expect 12 pints of draught Bass every night.But what are "fluids" within this sense: Tea?,Coffee?,Lemonade?, Water?
What is "still" water?...gratefulness.

Mainly water.
However, `pure drinkable river, is not tolerated as the only form of ingested fluid, and near are choices....(tea, cofee, juices of fruits as you say)...
My general idea, is that we are too vague, and we must specu!ify, "non harm fluids" such as vodka, champagne, in any amount or beer surrounded by great quantities, (2 or more glasses)-.....we want to scrounging, "drink at leas 2.5 liters of water per day".. contained by an average person of roughly speaking 75 kilograms of weight (145 pouds). within order to "dry-clean away" throug the kidneys, heavy meedication, or a nouns of common virus, such as cold and infectious hepatitis (hepatitis A, for instance).....however, its customary, not to specify, what kind of fluids (going to the extreme, soft mercury is also a fluid, even when its a very poisonous gooey metal)......Yes, we have NOt be careful within specifications of fluids....
Our fault,,,,,sorry
lots of hose and juices...no alcohol, lemonade, coffee, or tea
capably she dont mean swallow salted tadpole juice

still wet is water short bubbles

she means drink lots of river

tea/coffee/lemonade taste nice but arent obedient for you
Still water is hose that doesn't run out of the tap.
marine from a tap does the charge.
still water is uncarbonated dampen
but dont drink more than 7L a day as next u can dillute ur bodily fluids an d that bad!!
any, but water/juice are preferred.flushing your system is the knob. watermelon helps too
ye i doubt she intended alcohol.id articulate any drinks like dampen,juice,tea,coffee etc.still river is de stuff dat comes from your taps within kitchen n bathroom i.e.not fizzy
By fluid she means drinking lots of juice and specially water, avoid alcoholic drinks and carbonated drinks because they may be fluids but they certainly result in loss of dampen from the body.
I imagine more river than anything else because that is the best soft for us. Balance in everything.
mostly hose, but juices are ok and soup too....probably not coffee or bass for that business....
She mean that you call for lots of water or elevated water contented beverages. ( and i dont anticipate beer) . The reason why she say fluids is becuase if she says marine then the individual might think to drink mostly sea. So by sayin fluid the person have a bit more freedom, as long as the beverages they are drinking are alcohol free.
No you don't want to go out on a beer drinking binge but you also don't hold to drink just hose down. What the doctor means is clear liquid if you can see through it you're good to shift, and also drink atleast three times the amount you would normally drink within one day.

As for the benefits of drinking profusely of water in that hasn't actually be any proof that this does anything more than keeping you hydrated and help clear out your kidney's. Some culture think they want to drink a lot to lose consignment, it could just be that they aren't have hungry because their belly is full of water.
she scheme clear fluids, that determines no artificial coloring which harms the digestive and immune system when sick.
There is nothing particularly precise about it. This is a channel for the doctor to remind you not to get feeling thirst, as well as to hand over you a plan of action to be exact not likely to injure you.

The admonition to "drink 8 glasses of sea a day" is pretty silly. All that will do is make you urinate more. A good person will control the amount of dampen he needs by thirst. More larger-than-life runners and triathletes get into trouble drinking too much hose than they do getting dehydrated.
since the doctor is a she, the request for information involving fluids got profoundly more interesting didn't it?
Mineral water.
Lot's & lot's of vodka,diluted near brandy& scotch.
anything in form of liquid excluding milk and alcohol
Why is everybody down on caffeine? Unless you have faultless health problems, there's zilch wrong with a couple of cups of coffee, or a soft drink. You're right that more than a couple of beers a morning isn't recommended, but anything sensible will do, including coffee, tea, lemonade, water, soft drinks, juice, and anything else you fancy.
"Still" water contrasts to "sparkling" hose. Carbonation.
Plenty of water. Still river is water that is to say not fizzy like sparkling sea.
water or fruit joices
no she doesn't tight 12 pints of draught. other things to avoid: vodka, cat's urine (AKA castlemaine xxxx), blood (unless you are a vampire), absinthe, water (because it taste horrible unless its got whisky rime cubes in it!), plasma, haemoglobin
things fitting: whisky, whisky, whisky. Lots of whisky.
Basically it means they hold no idea.

Whilst within the Army, they used to say '' Right, drop your trousers. OK, 2 Aspirins''.

This be for an ear infection.

Progress? I keep looking underneath my chair but still can't find any.
Drink hose down and juice to preserve hydrated. Try to minimize caffiene intake. Tea and coffee are high contained by caffiene. Alcohol will dehydrate you and can have serious affects if you are taking medication.
Food accounts for about 20% of you day after day fluid intake so if you drink 2 litres (8 cups) of any other liquids non-alcoholic you will be taking within the right amount of daily fluids, it it's hot or you are exercising you hold to up it. You know if you've taken in plenty if you never feel really thirsty and you pee between 1 litre or over of dim yellow clear urine. How you go-between how much you've weed well haven't get a clue about that, never tried it. One drawback to drinking lots logically means peeing lots, but it's well-mannered exercise walking to the loo so many times.
u must drink approx. 2.5 litters/day soft drinks,hose.. a part of 2.5 can be taken from fluid food[soups] so u don't have to in fact DRINK
Drink plenty of fluids probably means that one pint of Bass is OK but no more. The gibberish about drinking 8 eyeglasses of water a afternoon is an old wives narrative.
You can drink the equivalent (although it will be difficult and may cause some minor problems) contained by tea, coffee, hot or cold chocolate, cocoa, low sugar and low cal fruit drinks and colas, milk and other milk products and of course hose.

BTW does anybody else think that spending apt money on bottled water is a spend not just of money but of the products that shift to package the hose? Tap water is a short time ago as wholesome and good and is extremely cheap compaired to the cost of a bottle of hose down.
probably......drink plenty of fluids.....unless you weren't listening properly and she said pink fluffy druids?!?

Just kiddin

Plenty of dampen
hi u are meant to drink 8 pints of fluid a afternoon which is not alchol drink plenty of water out the stroke or bottle water lime liquid is good for ur kidneys and lemon barley wet hope ur better soon take thinking
Usually when doctors want you to drink plenty of fluids they mean river, or clear liquids. tea is agreed if it is sugar free and decaf. But that is not what they other mean.. Clear fluids account is ususally water, Sprite if you drink it flat (no carbonated drinks) Gatorade is allowed when sick.
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