What is an example of a stool hardener? Medicine or food?

Hi Kee2,
Foods that can help next to loose stools are: Bananas, Rice(white) Applesauce and Tea. Commonly known as the BRAT diet.

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Tylenol will bestow you hard stools, when taken everyday.
Food - Banana
Dairy products, approaching cheese, and meats (fish, chicken, pork, beef, eggs) enjoy almost 0 fiber and will cause constipation. So roughly anything low in fiber will tend to congeal your stool.

Also, stay away from caffeine since it will tend to loosen stool.
Some foods will add bulk and coalesce stools i.e bananna.
Medicines which contain codeine. Over the counter medicines i.e Domperidone (immodium). Your chemist or robustness food shop should be able to aid! However if you have loose stools you may involve to see a dr who will ask for a stool sample and check your belly.

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