Can i take benadryl while taking amoxicillin?

YES, there is no contraindication for taking the Benedryl. Please just remember to drink plenty of fluids with the amoxicillin as that's what is needed with this antibiotic. Benedryl has a drying effect.
The two medications do not interact so yes you could take them together...
Yes you can take them together.
Yes you can. Amox is an antibiotic, benadryl is an anti histamine- two seperate pathways. It is fine. BUT do not trust any one of us, just call up your drug store and ask them, they have pHD's to answer you. It takes 1 min to do. Go ahead, ask them, play it safe.
not a problem. They are often given simultaneously in the ER.
You should check any medical answers with your dr or pharmacist.
Call them ...thats what they get paid the big bucks for!

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