Can the Utovlan tablets be purchased over the counter at a pharmacy or do they need to prescribed to?

Well, if you are in UK, IT HAS TO BE PRESCRIBED by GP or hospital doctor, but there are countries across the world, such as India, China where you can just buy over the counter. I think it is similar in US as well.

It is basically norethisterone, a progesterone hormone used to stop heavy vaginal bleeding. It is not an contraceptive on its own.
In the UK Utovlan is a Prescription Only Medicine, as the name suggests you need a prescription. Assuming it's appropriate your GP will prescribe it for you on the NHS, though any doctor can prescribe it privately (again assuming it's appropriate).

If the reason for asking is because you have run out and have to wait a few days to get your next prescription, then speak to your pharmacist who will be able to advise on the various emergency supply options.

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