Keeping a foreskin retracted?

Im in the hs freshmen swim troop , and want to look circumcised. How do u keep a foreskin retracted permenantly? what did u use to keep hold of it back and or train it. did u wear anything to maintain it back or to train it resembling an O-ring. Do u girls my age prefer cut or uncut guys?

please no insulting answers.

Medical tape?

But it would trouncing the purpose of having a foreskin (keeping the boss moist and sensitive). Read here, you have advantages too:

I've never have a problem with human being uncircumcised in dignified school (I'm 18 now). Just be confident in the region of it. More and more guys are now human being left uncircumcised (circ rates are as low as 14% contained by some states now, see the cooperation above; and the USA is the only advanced nation that does it since Europeans and Japanese don't do it, nor Latin Americans). If your mate see that you're insecure about it, they'll spot that and fool about it beside you. But if they see that you like it and are confident roughly it, at most they would do is ask questions around it, which personally I didn't mind at adjectives. =)
Well, usually the foreskin retracts when the penis gets erect. But I don't presume that would go over in good health in the locker room. Perhaps you should be grateful that your parents didn't mutilate your genitals when you be a helpless infant.
I kinda prefer an uncut penis, of course it better be verbs! and no there isnt a route to train your foreskin not to retract, without you cause harm
I approaching uncircumcized guys. Ive been near both and I just find it easier to use since you only just slide the foreskin and dont need lubes.

I acknowledge that I didn't think that an uncircumcized guy would be nice, though. that changed beside experience, so dont worry. most girls dont precision, and you need to grant them the chance to experience it
I'm uncut and the one and only way to hang on to it back for always is to cut it off which at your age involves a sort of painful retrieval.Just keep it verbs and you shouldn't have any problems from the ladies.Do some research so you're prepared should they enjoy any questions
If your foreskin is a bit short (covers only factor of the glans - penis head - when soft) later you might be able to basically pull it rear legs and hope it stays there. Otherwise in attendance is an effective course to keep it hindmost with medical video (see 1st link).

The problem with this method is that if you pinch your swimsuit off, it's pretty clear what you're trying to do and you risk looking stupid. I've tried to hold on to my foreskin back for a while, out of curiosity, but I couldn't stand it for more than close to 2 days. The constant rubbing will give you a near-constant erection that's really annoying and difficult to salt away (since you're on the swim team).

So, you can try it for a weekend or something if you want, when no one will see you. But surrounded by general, it's profoundly more effort than it's worth and there's no point to it really. To be honest, most girls probably don't vigilance as long as you keep it verbs (which is easy to do). And more and more guys are uncircumcised currently (some states with like mad higher proportion, others next to a lower proportion), so you shouldn't feel too self-concious.

Just be festive with what you hold, you'll be thankful subsequent (see remaining links).
There really is no way. It sounds close to you want a circumcised penis though, if you want it back for always. So if you don't want to go through a circumcision, consequently you'll just own to live with the foreskin. It shouldn't really business to the guys. If they do care, consequently say why be you looking at my penis? And just stay cool give or take a few it. If they see that it bothers you, then they'll keep hold of going, but if you're confident, then they won't.


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