How should head off my penis contained by women below hips i dont no howmany holes are within but i know anus & vagina r pre

present wheather another hole is present pls tell me ways to intercourse iam going to draw from married.After marriage milk will be coming from my wife's breast can i drink that milk

Experience teach all..
Give u and ur wife plenty time to explore each other.
See what suits u both and later proceed...
they actually enjoy 3 holes

and anus the vagina and the hole the pee out of
yay! 2 points

what the hell are you talking in the order of?
no problem in drinking ur wife's milk. Breast milk is significantly rich in essentisl nutrients. It contains loving antibodies required for new born. It also have colostrum which helps surrounded by maturation of GI So leave it for ur child a bit go to a diary
please type grill more clearly.....milk from your wife's breast is for a can catch urs from the supermarket..women have three holes..1 that you will benefit from...its call the vagina..anyway type the question more clearly!!
stay on as long as both party want, there no rules more or less that.
y dont u count.
You sound similar to you're about ten years prehistoric. Pay attention when you have that Sex Education class.
oh dutiful god. There are three holes. The vaginal, the anus, and the ureathra. If you go for the anus you are going to be minus a set of ball most likely. Women do not produce milk purely because theyget married and have sex. that happen after they have a kid. did you have any sex background at all?
he force be beside you. go slowly and thoughtfully
hey how strange my husband asked the same piece at our first night .hey its not more or less no of holes u just swot the basics of human body and next u can proceed.only a prgnant female can have the milk
yes ladies will own total three holes. Two holes in the clitorus, one is to urinate and other is own have sex and as you would expect other one is anus.
ask ur mommy she knowz it all

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