The inside of my mouth is sloughing stale?

If I use Crest with Scope or Listerine Whitening Pre-Brush Rinse, I carry white slimey stuff that sloughs off the inside of my mouth. Is it okay to verbs using these products? What in the products is cause this?

Answers:    stop using the Listering pre-brush rinse. thats what is causing it. I tried it once as some of my patients use it and duplicate happened to me. its a tissue response to the chemicals in the product. discontinue the use as it doesnt really work anyways. whitening rinses dont stay on the teeth long adequate to have a whitening effect anyways,.
It does start some time with these considerate of mouth wash because of antibacterial effect. Nothing to verbs. Once you use for sometime you will use to it.

I hope you don't have any other disease similar to Candidiasis (thrush) or Mouth ulcers in the past you used those agents. If so, you should consult a physician.

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